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You Can Change Things

So we all know there are a bunch of things that you could change about yourself, right?

But what’s the best thing to start with?

The thing that you’re lacking the most. That’s really the best and the worst answer.

Every journey is personal and important and your needs are going to be different from mine. But I figure that my intention to be a wholistic resource is to give you a space to see where the tried and true live.

First, like any journey you must plan your trip and that means figuring out where in the world you are. I recommend doing a LEVEL 10 life Assessment that gives you a feeling of where you think you are right now. That’s your starting point.

Then you pick a section and work on that for a few months, three seems to be a good chunk to see progress. 30 days to get the new habit to stick, 30 to tweak, and 30 to solidify it as a part of your routine.

I’m going to break this up into the 8 spokes we have here at LeftyLoophole and some habits affect multiple areas so they will show up multiple times. Think of them as two-for-one’s. It doesn’t mean that you have to learn it several times, but, maybe you will.

Again, your journey, your path, your progress.

It’s about taking in the things around you, not just passing them all by.


  • drink half your weight in water or 8-8oz glasses (whichever is greater)
  • take 10,000 steps a day
  • steady cardio 3x a week
  • write out what physical health you want to see yourself in one year
  • make your bed daily
  • ‘meditate’ for 5 minutes a day


  • read bible study a little bit every day
  • journal about the day
  • do a four-sentence journal exercise
  • gratitude log
  • ‘meditate’ for 5 minutes a day
  • create a done list
parking lot yellow line
Getting on the path is often the hardest part of a process


  • gratitude log
  • morning pages exercise (may take longer than 5 mins)
  • laughing 30 seconds every day
  • don’t hit the snooze button on your alarm
  • ‘meditate’ for 5 minutes a day
  • create a done list


  • read a book every day–a page, a chapter, a paragraph
  • read a blog post on a topic that you enjoy but do not work in that industry
  • listen to a podcast on something that interests you
  • practice something you are a beginner at
  • pick a priority in your to-do list
  • make an ‘easy’ to-do list

octopus arigumi


  • text someone you care about to start a conversation
  • write 3 things you’re grateful for about a specific person– especially if they irritate, anger, or drove you crazy today
  • write a list of people that you want to contact in a month and check it off when you do. take one person a day and be the person that reaches out


  • find an article once a week to improve your skills in your industry
  • write a 500 blurb about what you do once a month, and write it like you’re explaining to a six-year-old
  • write your plan of five years from now in a professional sense.
  • Make a done list, pick one thing and do that thing
  • Focus your energy on one project at a time
  • Time blocking
  • Set boundaries of your time and your worth


  • write out where you stand financially once a month, all your debt, all your income, all your savings.
  • make partial payments when you can during the month so that there isn’t that huge chunk coming out all at once
  • pay as you get paid
  • find your savings goal that you actually want not something you’re supposed to want


  • find three hours to do something for someone else once a month, break it into smaller chunks if you need to
  • vote in all elections
  • participate in a community event– church meeting, potluck, networking meeting, a connection meeting
  • mentor someone
Make the Boxes work for you

I hope this is a helpful list of things to start with. As I go I’ll add more things that I’ve either tried, researched, or find valuable for others. Best wishes with this journey,

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