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As a child, I was not allowed to watch MacGyver. (My mother knew what she was trying to prevent because by the time I was seven I was already jerry-rigging things. She did not want me accidentally starting a fire or something in her house.) 

I was and will always be a problem solver. I like fixing things and putting them back together. As a small child, we didn’t always agree on the solution (see hungry = Mickey D’s, she said veggies). 

I have fixed far too many things over my life and getting them to last twice as long as they originally did. Zip ties were my solution of choice until I was allowed a hot glue gun and super glue. 

So I was always looking for the Loophole to get what I wanted working and fixed.

I liked circumventing just going and getting a new thing to fix the situation.

So I’m a southpaw ( lefty for the rest of us). My little brother is also a southpaw and he had some incompetent little league coaches that assumed a lefty would just know how to throw. Boy were they wrong.

Strangely I was studying physics in high that year, so I figured out how to pitch for his sake and taught him  (He will deny this. Baseball really wasn’t his thing anyway).

And the reason southpaws are so good in baseball is because they can literally throw more weight behind the pitch. Your left side is heavier than the right side of your body #haveaheart

This website has had a few lives. I’m sorry if you saw it before I finally figured out what I wanted and what I was going to do about it.  It was a crafting site (do you know how hard it is to find good left-handed craft directions) and then spent some time as a proofreading side hustle. Then I had the brilliant idea to do some basic bookkeeping for other people before I realized I don’t really like doing the breakdown of my business transactions but I like not owing lots of money to the government. 

But as usual, I gravitate back to writing like I have many times. I had to learn to crochet three times in my life. I might as well go in a circle of three times figuring out that writing is the way that I want to affect the world.  I did get a degree in English: Creative Writing and planned to go into editing and publishing but that path was not the way I wanted to go. So here I am, explaining why I like the questionable name of my business because, in all honesty, that’s what I do. I circumvent the ordinary and find the solution that works best, inside or outside of the box. Because you shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

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