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Take Your DIP and Run With It

Determination. Ingenuity. Persistence

There is something about a person who can get shit done when you stand there watching and going, it’s not gonna work.

Only to have it work. Nashville as a city has a little more push of this particular brand of willpower than Charleston had. They’re different cities and they have different flows to their people. It’s different in the push than in Dallas.

Here it’s about being better at your work, and the money comes. Dallas was a little more, money comes, make it better. At least the people I had the pleasure of being around.

As I’m reading Think and Grow Rich, I’m realizing that there are some very interesting things about my past that I made happen. In fact, I’m like, oh that’s why it worked out.

There’s no way that I should have really made it to that first year of college at TTU. There really isn’t. There were a bunch of blockades in my way. And I proceeded to hop right on over. Granted it was more like climbing those walls that they make you do in bootcamp.

But I got over it. For three reasons.

I had enough DIP at eighteen to see the light at the end of the tunnel and by God, I was not going to stay in it.


This isn’t just will power or desire. It’s the potent blend of both. Because having a desire to have a thing does not mean that it will happen. It’s about having the final say that HELL or high water, this is happening. I got to watch as my little sister blew my expectations away with the move of her whole life (husband, two kids, whole house) and get it done with only the whisper of a job at the other end.

And she did it in under a month.

I still believe she made her life a little more difficult trying to load the truck in one day, the day after thanksgiving, but you know, they did it. I wouldn’t want to do things that way. But I guess I’ve been spoiled in knowing that I was packing all my belongings and moving over the course of a year.

This is not the part of what gets you were you are going. It’s the part that tells you where you want to go.


This is the problem solving portion of getting where you want to go. This is the part that I have to spend a lot more time developing than the others, it helps to practice on little things.

Yeah, this is how I excuse my solitaire addiction.

But seriously, figuring out a game, figuring out how to move the parts into place and get them to disappear as problems is my favorite part of it.

Most of your life is a pivot. It’s taking one step in this direction, going round that direction, all in pursuit of the end result of where you want to be.

The fun part is the mini life goals along the way that get you there.

Did I know at eighteen that I would move to Nashville at 29? Nah, I thought I wanted to go to Miami at 23 though. I knew that I had to get out of everything that I knew, and held as a buoy in the water.

I had to get deep into myself and find that my own two feet were enough in this world. Sure I call my parents, have borrowed money when a car accident really messed with my finances and ability to work. But I paid them back and I didn’t move home.

So did I figure it out?

Maybe, I’ll find out with the VHS of life.


Man, this is the kicker. This is the third leg of a three-legged stool that if you do not do, there is no seat.

It’s also the little bastard that likes to disappear when things get tough.

Maybe it’s my parents but the sayings they used on me growing up are always a little off from other people. My mother never asked if I was going to jump off a bridge if my friends were. She always said cliff. That is because she did have church leaders take the kids cliff jumping ( only slightly dangerous but still) when she was younger.

She failed to remember that I didn’t really have that many friends, and if anyone was going to do the jumping, I was the first. Though it was stages when I was thirteen. Orchestra kids are not ones to mess with on the crazy scale. We’re creative and that can be… interesting.

The other one, and this is why I bring up the saying thing is that they always said that when things got tough, the tough got going.

This was meant to mean that we didn’t sit on our butts waiting for someone else to do something. WE started figuring out how to fix it. Sometimes, that was asking for help, but most of the time it was really taking in our surroundings and figuring out what we already had.

Cue someone not finding the cuffs for a specific shirt and my first thought is paperclips. Use paperclips to hold them together and since you’re not the focus of the wedding I was driving you to, no one is going to know.

Aren’t I smart

Persistence isn’t always about doing the same thing without getting a different result. That’s insanity.

Persistence is about walking toward a goal, one step at a time, until you reach it and you’re like, let’s find the next mountain. Because you’ve found that the challenge is what keeps you alive.

After all, I did the whole move to a place where I don’t know anyone and survived.

Then I did it in the middle of a pandemic. And yeah, it was difficult, and a pain the butt to get certain things done, but here I am, in my cozy apartment with all my teal/white/black wall hangings where I want them. Writing from a desk that I didn’t have when I came here.

So yeah. I did it.

Do I particularly want to do it again?

Too soon to tell. I like it here. There is that something in the water that forces me to create and I get a lot more work done here. It’s less about who has the money, and more about how good you are. Which is an interesting distinction. I’m sure there are areas of Dallas that this would be true, and there are parts of Charleston that would have this vibe, but I couldn’t afford to run with that crowd so that’s the point.

Here I can feel it, under my skin with a vibration that I learned to recognize years ago.

This is where I’m meant to be for now, and I better get on the damn train. Or I’m going to miss this adventure.

Take a DIP

Find your three legs to stand on. They will take you places you didn’t dream of ten years ago. But when you look at your dreams from ten years ago, you’ll be right where you belong. Right where you knew you would be. Don’t get caught up in the details of where in ten years, but understand what you want out of it.

There is the art of getting traction, and anyone who has dug themselves out of a mud spot will know that you don’t think you’re gonna get out until you spin loose. It is always darkest before the dawn and all that. The beginning of May did not tell me that I was really going to be able to move in October. It was a series of decisions that I decided that were going to get me here that worked.

You’re probably in the same space, that moment right before it all works out. If it is what you really desire, really fought for–

It will come.

It probably won’t look anything like you thought it would when you packed all your belongings and left Texas in 2017, but damn that destination looks just like you wanted. Take it and run.

Make the most out of where you are, and find that obstacles make you better, faster, stronger. My current position has reminded me that I know a hell of a lot more about a lot of things than I remembered. And that just means I was a lot more ready for this than I thought I was.

And that my hesitation to do a certain thing, well, that really messed with a lot of things.

So go forth and find you DIP and run with it.

You’d be surprised at what you can do,

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