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The hardest thing about writing is deciding what’s of the most use to readers. Of deciding what I think that they are going to grow the most from. I have a very different experience in life than most people. I get reminded of just how brave it is to move when you don’t know anyone and have never been there, but something is just yanking you out there.

And you know that there is definitely a higher power involved with the whole situation because there is no way this all happened how it did, with the level of ‘did that just work?’ that I rolled out of Charleston with. Because yeah, I’m not sure where this all worked out in places that I can’t see but it did, and I am reaping the benefits.

Tis a great thing, but it also means that I can’t avoid a decision or six that I could put off while focusing on the move.

Like what exactly should I focus on writing about?

Can I really write that much, that often about crafting projects? Can I talk about finance for hours on end? Of self development which is the wheel behind which all my facets turn and show their faces?

Do I really think I can teach people how to DIY when most of the time, that is a process of trial and error that usually ends up with a bit of sandpaper and a fresh coat of primer to fix what I messed up (see Painting Dresser Project).

The motto for 2020 is Juice Concentrate which has been a part of the process that I have been going through this year. It’s been present throughout the year, rather than showing up in the beginning of the year and then surfacing somewhere in November when I start thinking about the coming year.

This time, we’re all in this place of “Do I even want to make resolutions this year?”


This is a decision that you need not over think about. There needs to be goals because they are your sign posts on the road for the next year.

It is essential to have something to ground you into doing something next year, next month, next week.

Do I think you need the list of twenty I start with and find which ones really need to get done next year?

Eh, that’s a personal choice.

I will say that the last year working with SMART goals written down has been a game changer.

I didn’t make all of them. I won’t unless there is some sort of miracle that extends the year out another month or two. But that’s fine, because as this was the first year that I was using SMART goals for my resolutions, I was more getting a mile marker of where I was landing and if what I wanted was even reasonable.

Just to clarify SMART Goals are:

Specific-Write 366,000 words within the calendar year of 2020 aka 1000 words a day.
Measurable–Putting a word count on the goal was a mile marker I could check off all year long.
Attainable–This was the thing that I wasn’t really sure about this year. I have a tendency to over shoot.
Relevant–I want to make a living writing but I wasn’t writing something every day, I decided to make it happen.
Time-Bound–Dec 31st, 2020 is the deadline goal.

This has been a way for the little part of me to see what I was actually getting done each day rather than trying to cram it all in at once. I had a few times when I tried to play catch up and it didn’t quite work like I thought it would. I had external forces (*you mean a pandemic and all it’s panic involved) that really sent me off kilter.

But the really cool thing is that I’m not discouraged about the fact that I wrote 247,973 words by the end of November.

It is a 100k short but you know, I know where I fell short, and what I did to correct that, and the nice thing is I have a month to try and really make this 1000 words a day habit stick. It takes 30 minutes. Maybe the next year I can be more specific about what I plan on writing.

But here’s a fun fact. If you write 3000 words a day, you will write a million words a year. Or let’s break it down into something you can fathom.

I generally write 1000 words a blog post. That means that I would easily write one a day. And you would get sick of me if I popped into your inbox all that much.

I started 2020 with 22 goals on my list. I picked three that were going to happen come hell or high water.

One is done, one is about to be done, and the third–life happened and I decided that there were things that were more important than what I thought was going to go down in January. I think we’re all at this sort of thing.

With 2021 I have a list of ten things. I think it’s probably going to stay that long. Three of them are back in the same form that they were this year. Four of them are things I want to happen in the coming year, and you know I’ve made a lot of excuses over the last couple of years, but this year I actually have vacation, so this does look promising.

The next four are my stretch goals. They are completely possible.

As long as I don’t sit in my fear and let that take over my ability to do them.

That’s the kicker. The hide in plain sight problem that has held me back for a long while now.

It’s what makes me question if I should be writing anything that looks like self-help when I can’t help myself. I can’t fix this hesitation that comes when I’m about to do something terrifying.

Which when I was moving from a state where I’d grown up and go to a place that I didn’t know anyone and I don’t think that was terrifying. I did think it was scary. Don’t think I’m oblivious to the danger involved with that particular scenario.

Things could have gone real south real fast. But they didn’t and I’m working on not living in the past.

But I do think that the coming year, with it’s specific goals and mile markers and less options of things to do will actually get done. I can feel it in my bones. Mostly, because if they don’t get done, things will hit the fan and I will have to come up with some sort of solution and my gerry rigging is functional but I’ll never claim that it’s pretty.

So I challenge you to pick your new resolutions and make it just past the comfortable mark. Something that gives you a rush when you think of what it’ll look like when you reach it.

It’s worth reaching, it really is.

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