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Pithy Remarks and Practices

At the end of last blog post I was all fired up with the warm and fuzzies of getting to write at my new desk. I figured that I’d have this magical week of writing and have all my blog posts ready for you to read and understand what I want to teach.

The problem is, I did write, but I don’t love any of it, I don’t even like most of it and well, I’m a firm believer of not throwing out all your shitty writing because something can come out of it– deep fried dog shit, anyone– that doesn’t mean I have to share any of it.

One thing I do want to echo after a week of waiting for a president elect to be announced.

I know that some of you are grieving that your candidate lost. I know some of you are relieved.

But I want to praise every last one of you that went out and voted.

Out of an estimated 238 million people that could possibly vote, over 146 million of you special stars did it.

That is what our country is about. About our civic duty, about being there to create the country we want rather than just bitching about who won, who will won, and what things are going to look like until the next election.

And in all honesty, we don’t know what tomorrow will look like. We know what we think it will look like.

But there is no promise in it.

So here is a five minute trick to start fixing up your life.

Check your contacts list and scroll through and see the first five people that you haven’t talked to in a while. Do something that reminds you of them.

Even if your neighbors have a problem with you blasting Taylor Swift “1989”* they will get over it

Just like I get over the jerks who were setting off fireworks on Sunday.

Note: I am not telling you that you actually have to talk to them. You can. In fact, I recommend it.

Find your joy and seize it,

*or LMFAO from 2012 when your goddaughter was born.

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