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Spare Changes

Trust the Journey

This last week has been everything and nothing. I moved so I got a lot of physical things done but my writing, hehe, yeah that didn’t. I’m writing this about thirty minutes from posting, I think. I can’t remember if the post settings have switched over to CDT yet…

UPDATE: I got a new mug. I felt it was a message for me that I really did have to listen.

Don’t you think so too?

The trip itself went mostly according to plan, though there was an hour there waiting for them to tell me that nothing was wrong with the tire that told me it was flat, looked fairly angry and me, but when the tech put it back on, it didn’t look so upset (what, I give inanimate objects human traits).

The rest of the trip was smooth sailing even with a cargo carrier I’d never used before and not getting the gas milage I’m used to getting on highway miles. Might have been the wind, might have been going over the mountains.

This weekend was uneventful, with nothing on the docket because, well let’s be honest, I was tired. I start the new job today and well, that didn’t help me sleep last night.

But I did get an answer of sorts that I was here, and that Nashville, will be home for now. How long that’ll be? I don’t know. There’s never been a time limit on it. Not like when I moved to Charleston and promised to be there for two years minimum because I knew it was going to be hard and new, and I didn’t know anyone and I didn’t want to move back home admitting defeat.

Mostly admitting defeat.

Thoughts on Bravery

The word that bothers me the most about this move is ‘bravery’. That people call me brave when I go forth and follow the directions that I was given of where to go next. I don’t really think of it as bravery, maybe because of how I make these decisions, maybe because I’m in the decision and I see this as the only way through.

I mean, seriously, my come to Jesus involves me admitting I make shitty choices and tell Him to start making them for me. And would you look at it, I’m much happier with my life. So when He gives me the directions to go somewhere else because that is where he’s calling me, I would be a moron not to follow that direction.

Trust over Faith

The thing I did learn this weekend is that Faith is not Trust. It’s not completely. You can have faith someone is a good person, you can have faith that someone will show up and do what you’re expecting, but when you make a backup plan to counter them not showing up–that is not Trust.

Yeah, there are capitals there for a reason. These are the big things. Not trust that you have for the car next to you not to swerve into your lane–though in Charleston it’s a little more faith than trust.

They overlap. You can have Trust with something, someone, and it looks a lot like Faith.

But there is something else there. And you should treat it with the care and concern it deserves. Maybe when I’m not so scattered with all the things going on right now I can explain it better, but sometimes there are things that you feel.

The Answer is in the Music

Last Sunday, my roommate and I were talking about things in our lives. About how God took us from disaster zones, or what He brings us into. But there was a phrase I said that rang far too true.

‘The answer has always been in the music’.

That part is true. All of my strongest memories of faith, trust, and hope happened while listening to music. I have had more spiritual experiences of understanding and love in my car than I have had in a church.

Granted I never turn off the radio.

I’ll change stations, but I rarely turn it off. Unless I’m trying to call someone.

Yeah, I’m all over the place

It’s been one of those weeks. I literally have been all over the place and I am glad to be here. It’s not home yet, but it’s getting there.

For those of you who have had tough weeks and nothing went right–Find your Joy. Find it and hold on to it. It’ll keep you sane.

For those of us who live in the land of song lyrics, ‘Gives you Hell’ by The All-American Rejects comes to mind.

As always, remember you’ve found a piece of Joy this week, go find some more.

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