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My favorite thing about disc-bound planners is their changeability.

It’s the way that you can take a page out and then not worry about it aside from putting it in the recycling. 

Because God has a plan, you can make one all you want but things are not going to always go your way. 

We’ll start with just saying MARCH 2020 and leave it at that. 

I don’t need to trigger anyone here but that period of time was a massive shift for me. I had to look at what I was doing day in and day out and see that those actions did not align with where I was aiming. I was literally spinning my wheels figuring out how to get unstuck from the mud and I’d really never figured out how to drive out of the mud.

It was a massive blessing to be forced to stop and look at it all. To take in the exact things that I really loved doing and when I was happiest instead of when I was telling myself this would make me happy.

There is something about coming change that makes us look both out and in.

All in all, I made a few decisions that were totally ‘in flow’. That’ really the only way to describe it. I can very clearly tell when I was being told the exact same thing for the last five years, that I was just ‘it can’t be that simple, can it? It’s got to be hard.’

Suffice it to say that I have finally gotten the message.

Which means that I get to change the plan. It requires throwing the old one out almost completely. There are some good basics in it, but really, it was all headed the wrong way–if it got anywhere in the first place. It was a plan that circled back on planning over and over and not really making any traction. You know the whole ‘be prepared for anything’ kind of planning.

It’s a little obsessive. Which is very much me.

But not the point of this particular post.

You see, there is this wonderful thing in the world called Printables. You print off the pages that you need and you can make more new ones when you lose, toss, or destroy the old ones. You know, when the world shuts down and you realize that you don’t want where you’re going and you need to course correct right now.

They come in every shape and size and make all sorts of sense.

Now about the discbound.

It’s a binder with pages that go in and out depending on what you need right now. It also doesn’t make that click sound a binder does in the middle of church when you ran out of paper for your notes and it’s dead silent and your mother glares at you for deeming to break that hypnotic lesson.*

But I digress.

The point is that I can throw out the pages that I already filled out with a plan and print some new ones and see where things are going now. It’s not set in stone. It’s written in pen because I don’t trust pencils and hate washing that off my hands after writing for a while.

But I’ve also learned the art of crossing out. It’s a little different than junking the things that you thought were going to happen.

It’s acknowledging that things were different in the past and that what you thought was going to happen didn’t. It’s a part of the grieving process.

It really just depends on you.

How much do you need to let go? That is part of the process of figuring out what your documentation looks like. For me, it’s important to see what I put off today and decide if it’s important enough to move over to tomorrow.

Sometimes it is, and some times it’s not.

Weigh your options

Whatever you decide to do, when the plans go awry, sit down and think about where you would rather be. Then decide how to get there. The point of throwing out an old plan is not just to fly by the seat of your pants, though sometimes that may just be the plan that comes, it is to make the intentional decision to where you are going.

Sometimes, the destination that you thought you were heading was the wrong way. That way won’t make you happy and you have decide where you’re aiming now. Other times, the destination is the right space to aim but your path there wasn’t fully developed or you’ve got a few roadblocks to clear.

Whatever comes, take it as it is and choose for the tomorrow that you want to have,

*This was not the only noises I made, I am not a quiet person and in a room of quiet people it becomes very obvious. Thus, why people have some issues with believing that I’m an introvert.

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