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There is something about sitting down and doing my monthly review that puts an edge of terror into me and a spark of excitement. There is the accounting of seeing where I did not do what I’d promised myself in my goals and the sight of seeing the things that I did get done.

But I would rather focus on the excitement of the process rather than think about the places where I didn’t show up enough. Granted, that’s because it is the past and I can’t change it but I can do that with the present to make the future what I really want to see.

Course Correction

Taking the time to figure out where I am now, and not holding onto wishes of where I could be allows me to fix problems before they become too large to handle on my own. Or that I have to scrap the idea entirely.

So I look at my major goals for the year.

word count,
posting schedule and count,
self-development books read this week,
minutes of exercise as a whole.

These are the focus because when I started January I felt that these were the areas that I could increase (or at least establish a baseline) I could really get an idea of where and what my traction was in my work, personal life, health, and lifetime goals.

The middle two were the only ones that I could track previously, but that was through a post-analysis method. I wanted a concurrent plan that would tell me that I was going the way I thought I should be to reach my goals.

At the end of a month, I look at the totals for each of these and take the remainder from the year total I envisioned for myself. And then I divide by the remaining days left in the year.

So right now, I need to write 1283 words a day to reach the goal for the year. Because of my fondness for nice even numbers I rounded that to 1500 because I figure there are still going to be days that I miss.

And I do this for each of those goals. That becomes the new baseline of accomplishing the goal that month and I do the same thing.


We’ve all set those goals that in January sound like the best idea ever and that it will fix your life.

And it doesn’t. It doesn’t bring you joy, it’s making things worse and we’re not talking about the less time you have for other fun things because you’ve committed to doing this thing that will make your life better in the long term.

I’m talking that running is not your thing because you get shin splints every time you try. Maybe it’s your shoes, maybe it’s your ankles, but you like biking and well, that counts as exercise. So you scrap that idea and switch your health goal to something else.

The important thing about this whole process is that you have to be honest with yourself.

You know if you showed up this month. You know if you did all you could. And when you come at something with your whole heart, you’ll get where you’re trying to go.

When you’re lying to yourself, you won’t do it all, and you will know it. Even if you won’t admit. Take it from someone who’s been doing this to herself for years. This half hearted attempt to fix my life.

Versus the time where I fully let go and did what needed to be done. God, was my life something else four years ago. It’s that time of year where it pops up on my feed about how I left Texas and all the things that were surrounding it.

I still feel like I’m getting a little bit of whiplash from that situation. But not from doing it, no.

That comes from my attempt to slam on the breaks because I was not totally comfortable with all the changes happening all at once. I tried to get some sense of normalcy and boy did I get in my own way. Story for another time though.

Road Map

Taking these goals into mind allows you to plan for the coming month. I will recommend that you don’t go for things that are centered on things other people do, like how many followers, how many people you brought on. Think in terms more of how many times you posted good content, how many people you reached out. Then go deeper than that to figure out the ways to use your follower/lead goals into a better system.

Is there a similarity to the people that responded to your work? Can you see what they were reading before they became a follower? Can you see if there are similar traits between the people who responded to your connecting?

Take that and make your goals centered on them. On that sort of content that gets them to pay attention. Heck, I did that this month. I got positive feedback on my planner style stuff and I’m testing out to see if that is more of the content that people are looking for and responding to.

We’ll see if that goes anywhere. I know some people are all about planning their content at the beginning of the month and get it all out during the month but I’ve really tried to stay away from that in my scheme because I like responding to the way I feel.

Trusting the muse, if you will. So there are times when I am writing the post the day before because I finally have the time and it’s a Wednesday and that’s the plan, and other times, it comes pouring out in a series of posts and I’ve got the next three weeks ready to go.

It is about trust and planning and letting the ideas percolate. I sat down and worked on my monthly review and realized that I wasn’t showing up this last month as I had planned. There were some external forces that I hadn’t expected to affect me as much as I’ve previously thought. Then there was a series of decisions that I had to make because I wasn’t showing up.

But that is last month. This month I’ve decided to focus on meeting this month’s goals and that every day is the new one and another day to get it all done. And that I’m really only focusing on getting the little things that add up done. Starting with my word count and a scanning writing project that I’ve been trying to get done for two plus years.

I got the dresser I’d been procrastinating for four years done last month so… why not this.

Go on and show up for the person you see in ten years, not the person you were yesterday. It might surprise you how fast you slide along that path.

As always, remember that the little changes are the habits that make up your life and make it what you want,

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