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For the Love of Planners

Because yes, I really do have a trunk full of journals and planners…

So we’re going to take a slight detour this post because I’ve been working on a project that might be useful to you and well, let’s be honest, something that only helps me isn’t something that I want to market.

That would be bad business. You want to market solutions not make more problems.

So in that respect, I finally did a printable of a weekly spread. It is for the Happy Planner Classic because I just love that particular size because of my handwriting.

But what I haven’t loved is any of the default weekly spreads. I don’t like how no matter if you use vertical or horizontal that your week is split between two pages. I can’t glance at it and see if I’ve got chunks of time for something.

I want to see my week all at once so that I can block off time and then have the tasks on some other space of my page and possibly another paper. So I went looking for what I wanted.

The ones that I found online didn’t really fit what I was looking for so I made one.

Call it creativity, call it a need to have what I want in a planner available to keep my sanity where it is..

But what I need is guinea pigs, beta testers, people who would like to try this out can download it for free. I hope this helps you, and I want it to.

There are two parts to this but whatever you use is fine.

Which leads to the big favor I need from those of you that use it.

Please answer a few questions after you’ve gotten to use it so that I can make it better or leave it be. Please feel free to leave your answers in the comments or email them to

They are:

  • Was this useful? Or just extraneous to something you already love more?
  • Was this easy to print? *
  • If this came as a year planner, all you had to do was print and feed the paper, would you be willing to pay for this? (It would be a whole suite, not just the weekly version.)
  • Would you rather have a dated or undated version?
  • Spacing issues? Enough/Too Small/Too Big/ Weird Font?
  • Did you put the TIME on the front or back of your spread/ printing?

I can tell you my answers to the last question are that I put the TIME on the front and the task on the back of that page but that the TIME is like the divider for the week.

I do all my journaling in my planner which is why it gets to be 1.25″ thick for just January to April. It is my study notes, my diary entry, my daily task list, my monthly spread. When I say everything, I mean it.

I’m a massive fan of discbound planners because they are so modular and that what I had that is no longer working can always be moved when I migrate the month over to a different set so that I can keep them without throwing them out.

They are a part of my documentation process.

Also, they don’t make nearly as much noise as a binder. So when I run out of room on the page that I’m using in the middle of church it does not make thunder in the church during the quiet bits. Mom doesn’t need to glare at me for it anymore.

But this is a project that I’ve been stewing over for a long time. I want to make it useful to people, especially people like myself who want it all in our planners–monthly, weekly, and daily– but every just wants to give two of those.

I understand there is the phrase that two out of three ain’t bad, but I have a printer and I can make what I want. I like lists and trackers and all the the things that make sure that I leave the house fully dressed and with deodorant on. My autopilot is a good thing, when it actually does all the things that I think it’s done.

So please, take and try it out.

You might just like it,

J Joy

For the free download click here

*Anyone I instant messaged this on Tuesday might have had more difficulty with this but I was fixing it. There were several tweaks that day.

One comment on “For the Love of Planners

  1. pluto_future says:

    I have downloaded it easily, it looks convenient. Am gonna it a try and see. Thank you


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