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So, as someone who has put a lot of work into her own health/mental wellbeing, it is really strange that I am still going to call bologna on some things without actually doing them myself.

The one I recently decided that it couldn’t hurt anything if I tried it was affirmations, even though I was not all about the ‘universe’* bringing things into my life just because I wished them to. I’m a firm believer that the world will turn how the world turns and you can only be more cognizant of what is happening around you. Your faith will asses things as from ‘the universe’ or they’ll see the connection.

This was probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever put off doing.

Really, that is the truth.

Two months ago, I was still in the brink of going cabin fever, stuck inside, without work, and trying not to lose track of what day it was.

It was not pretty.

I watched a motivation video and the speaker brought up affirmations. I watched something else later and it brought it up again, with less woo woo about it. This made me think of the fact that though I do a form of the S.A.V.E.R.S. from Hal Elrod’s The Miracle Morning but that I did not actually do the affirmations part of it.

So I decided to start doing it on April 22nd. I stuck to the simple stuff. Nothing big or profound or shiny.

I am loved. I am lovable. I am willing to love. I am enough. I will survive.

These little things grew to bigger ones. They got to start saying the things that I really wanted to believe about myself but there is a little (not so little really) that tells me I won’t do these things.

I finished doing my morning routine and noticed that I only have a few more pages left in this leftover spiral flipped back to the early pages. And I read what I had written those days.

And I felt the words. I believed them a little more than I usually do when I finished writing them out for the day.

The other thing that is super important was that today’s affirmations were bigger. They were more full and what I really want rather than just a half step of something that I should have.

Granted, at the time of writing this, the last week and a half have been a roller coaster. There have been massive highs and lows and I’m not the one who had anything to do with the timing. It has been a special form of exhausting on top of the exhausting that my new work brings with it.

It takes less time to go to sleep now though, so that’s a praise.

Writing it down

This part of doing my affirmations and visualizations made absolute sense to me. I’ve always been a big proponent of writing things down because that is pretty much the only way that I remember things. Also it provides me with a checklist to cross or highlight out.

You’re seven times more likely to remember something that you write down than you are something that you just say, and typing only increases the possibility of remembering by two from just verbally stating it.

So do I realize there is a point to the affirmations and writing them down after two months?

Yeah, I could have gotten on the bandwagon a ways back.

But I didn’t. I probably wasn’t ready for the change that I can feel coming under my skin.

It is coming. And anything is possible.

And after the last six months of the year being it’s one social studies chapter all by itself, well, this is the change, and this is the hope.

Take care, and remember that you are worthy. You are enough,

J Joy

*insert whichever religion, supernatural being, or other that you feel is a higher power.

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