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There is something to be said about getting your health into perspective.

And remembering that it is a process, not a destination.

Your health is always going to be changing, as we age and things break or allergies develop or our families grow and change we have to take into account all the differences of what we were yesteryear and what we will be next year.

This virus has given many of us a chance to evaluate what is going on in our lives and whether we want.

In all honesty, this is something we should do every four to six months to make sure that the direction we are taking ourselves is the direction we wish to be traveling.

Making a Roadmap

I read Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning about a year ago and started looking at my life and where I was taking it. Just like when you go on a road trip and every time you reach that mile marker you know is going to change which highway you’re taking, you look and make sure that the numbers are changing in the right direction.

He calls it a ‘Level 10 Life”. I like it because it allows me to grade sections of my life and put some on a shelf for a bit because I need to focus on some other area or I need to build that other area so that I have good habits in place for things like, I don’t know*, communication and where I can grow those the most.

It breaks your life up into 10 sections.

  • Health & Fitness
  • Business & Career
  • Finances
  • Physical Environment
  • Volunteer
  • Family and Friends
  • Significant Other
  • Fun & Recreation
  • Personal Growth
  • Faith and Spirituality

These sections let me look at my life in chunks. As always, life is not cut and dried into single sections. Active communication is something that I need to work on. It shows up in about six areas of my life because it is not a default habit but it is something that makes people like me, or at least makes me feel like they actually like me instead of just humoring me.

You look at each section and see where you would give it on a 1-10 scale and decide if that score is okay with you. IF you’re a people person and you’ve been in quarantine for the last few months your family and friends section might be low because it hasn’t been filled. But did you do what you could to make it better? If yes, then you’re on the right track and life is about ebb and flow.

If not, what can you do to improve it? What would make you feel just a number better? If it was a six what would make it a seven?

What do I do with this evaluation?

I did this in August of last year and decided that my significant other section was null. I don’t have one and I was really disappointed in that. But I decided that I had really bad communication habits in the first place and really, a relationship with someone would just make all those bad habits more obvious.

So I called a dating moratorium. I was intentionally not looking at any opportunity. None. I was going to focus on the relationships that I had and I was going to be more intentional about it.

I made a list of all the people that I liked to talk to, wanted to talk to, and should talk to *ahem family*. Then I made it a point to cross off those people when I talked to them during that month.

It did look a little creepy, but that didn’t bother me.

I’m a list person, and a visual person, and well, I know it was a bit methodical but it’s not a default and I needed a chart to hold myself accountable. I got better about reaching out to people rather than just letting them reach out to me.

I did another assessment in January, which was half coincidence, half it’s a new decade I intend to start out on the right foot, and found that I still wasn’t communicating as much as I wished I was getting so I decided to keep the moratorium in place**.

I recently had another evaluation and decided that my communication skills are much better than they were before (thanks quarantine) so that a moratorium at this point is unnecessary. It will no longer serve a purpose in my own personal growth.

The Recalibrating Process

This is the fun part and the terrible part. I think it’s fun because I like making plans and making them visual and pretty and memorable.

Most people though, don’t care, and don’t like looking at the recalibration becuase they see it as where it all went wrong.

That is not the point, purpose, or practicality of this process.

This is not to make you feel like you missed your exit and now have to go a hundred miles before you reach the next turnaround. This is to make sure that your destination is still your destination.

You were a different person when you made the last set of plans. Things happened, you adapted, and now it is time to overcome.

Sometimes, the roadmap wasn’t clear enough. Sometimes, you thought there was a road where there was no road. Sometimes, you have loss and life and the things that were important six months ago have no value.

That’s why you want to do this. I would add my recommendation to the situation that if you are in the middle of a crisis that is not the time to evaluate the whole life plan right then. Give yourself time to grieve. After the dust has settled on the crash and burn you survive, then sit down and look at where you are headed and decide if that is where you are going.

After the dust has settled on the crash and burn you survive, then sit down and look at where you are headed and decide if that is where you are going.

Originally, I was going to do my next Level10 in the beginning of May. Yeah, no, I was still in crisis mode. It was not pretty. I’m amazed my roommate and I haven’t really fought in the last couple of months when we pretty much only had each other for company.

Back on the Road Again

After you decide where to go, you should get going.

Sitting around waiting until you are ready will take you no further than you are now. The process of life is that we are forever changing, forever learning, forever making ourselves better.

May you learn, love, laugh, lose, and live the best life you can,

J Joy

*I really do know, it was just my sense of humor coming out to play.
**I also discovered the word ‘moratorium’ right before I did the first Level10 and found it fabulous. And put it to my purposes.

2 comments on “Traction In Health… and Life

  1. pluto_future says:

    Thank you, I just what I wanted to read. I have been planning to start reconnecting with brother who is china, am in Uganda so i started today and I will be doing it every day.


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