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Positive Contagions

You all know there has been this thing going around.

No, I’m not going to talk about the virus.

I’m talking about one of the side effects for all of us whether we’ve been exposed or not.

We’ve been all taking a step back and assessing. We’re deciding what about our lives that we love and what about it we don’t. There is a lot less reactive choices going on when it comes to what comes next. It’s all becoming more and more of a plan of how we are going to tackle what comes next.

And most of that comes from two things–The forced stop that precedes every pivot and our reminders of what we already have. This gratitude attitude. The positive contagion that we’ve all been looking for in all sorts of places.

Some of us have found what we were looking for. Others are just beginning to understand that there are some things that you can chase and there are things that you have to let come to you.

But I want to remind you that this positivity contagion isn’t just going to stick around. It has to be cultured and grown until it becomes a symbiotic part of us.

It will do us plenty of good.

Positive about What?

This directed approach to positivity. This forced focus on what we’re grateful for. Because it makes a better person when we stop looking for wind to make tornados and find the rain that downpoured that will feed the crops.* There is something bigger than each of us and reaching for the positive lets us find more and more of the positive things in our lives.

It’s contagious and it’s something that should spread.

This need to be happy for ‘what we have’.

It’s a blessing we have absolute control for. I’m not saying that we should throw realism out the window, but that we should take a moment to notice what is good. Not worry about how it could be worse. How other’s have it worse than you. This exercise isn’t about them.

Actually, all self-help isn’t about someone else.

It’s always about you and where you’re going.

The purpose about self-help is to decide that you have a map and you’re going to pick your destination and you’re going to map out the directions you’re going to take to get there.

There are many ways that I could get to Nashville from Charleston. There are three main ones that use the old interstate system that connect me there without too much fuss.

You have to change your environment to get the progress that you want. It starts with the small things that add up, little by little, until they take over all the things and become bigger than you really thought they were because you’ve only been looking at them from each step to the next until you look down and realize that the set of stairs is a rickety thing that covers a story and a half.

Make the Boxes work for you
We had these sandboxes for a class project (#architecture) and we needed to do something with them. The end of year celebration with a bunch of psuedoengineers and exhausted people results in functioning stairs on the outside

I’m not the biggest fan of heights. I don’t like climbing ladders and I really don’t trust a bunch of 19-year-olds to build a set of stairs that would hold my weight or anyone else’s. This was also pre-‘Fear is Boring’ motto but the whole falling when it was avoidable isn’t my cup of tea.

But I climbed those damn boxes because I could. It was a part of my closing that chapter. This was facing a fear that I knew was going to and had taken over enough of my life.

I used to be braver. I used to not worry so much.

I was also a young child then. There weren’t bills and responsibilities and whatnot that plagues my daily existence because the world does not stay the way we wish.

It changes. And we change too.

This pandemic is changing the pace of things. And it isn’t at the same time. We still don’t have enough time to do all the things that we promise ourselves that we’re going to do.

The most organized of us have lists of our lists of things to do.

But are we actually getting any of it done?

OR are we pushing it off to tomorrow because school and children and work and other things have no separation anymore?

I can’t pretend that I’m average anymore. I don’t respond to the situation anything like some of my friends who got so paranoid about things coming into their houses.

They were living in the fear. They were sucked into it and it was a spiral.

I refused to go into it.

The What-If Spiral Is No One’s Friend

I know the danger to myself. It’s ugly. There’s no good way out and it is nothing but a trap.

So I made an effort to treat the days like I would if I had my dream job. That I would write all day and then read at night to keep the words coming into my mind.

And it sort of worked.

That plan has been revised a few times**. But that is all right. It can be revised until I get put into the ground six feet under after a full life where I do the most that I can.

That’s the most that I can ask for.

It’s not happening anytime soon so far as I can tell.

So take this and see where you’re looking for more rainbows,

J Joy

*There was a tornado warning that this native Texan didn’t even worry about. There was hail coming down while I was driving though.
**I think we’re on version 34.

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