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Reading Brene Brown is an eye-opening experience.

Half the time it’s like seeing myself in fifteen years explaining phrases I’ve never had to explain to people or why Dr. Pepper is the best. It really just is. 

Anyways I’m not going to get into a debate about that here…. today anyways.

The other half is when I really don’t want to look at what she’s bringing up in the chapter that I’ve read today.

It is a specific kind of pain that resembles over-stretching but not quite.

If you’ve noticed, I’ve been having fun with cliches and abusing them to get a point across.

I like cliches. They make me happy and because I’ve learned that they aren’t the be all end all, but they paint a pretty darn good picture of what you’re trying to explain in a succinct manner. 

After all, as writers we’re always aiming for concise and clear. And cliches are just that.

With a dose of unclear. 

That’s what makes them storytelling tools. That’s what gives them a special kind of power to reach people in a way that matters to them instead of forcing us to all take a cookie cutter way of thinking. #doublespeak 

The one that has never settled well with me is the accusation of ‘being a bull in a china shop’.

After all, how many of us use the nice china these days?

Growing up that was an indication that I wasn’t being ladylike. That I wasn’t behaving. It was meant as an admonition but in the way of a teenager, I took it to heart and made it my mission.

Can’t say that was the best choice of action but it’s taught me a few lessons.

One, all of my drinks should and will have lids. It’s just better that way.
Two, ladylike isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. 
Three, Life will keep throwing something at you until you really learn the lesson it wanted you to get.

Not that it will stop you from getting a few other lessons along the way. That’s just bonus content y’all. 

Let’s be clear on something though.

The bull doesn’t want to be in a china shop. 

Someone, well meaning I’m sure, thought that they could teach a bull a few manners and it would be just fine.

Yeah, no.

It did not go over well.

In fact that’s why we have the saying.

So recognize if you want to be the bull in the china shop.

And if you are the bull, do what must be done.

Get out of the china shop.

Damage is going to happen.

People are not always going to love you. You are going to break a few things. But don’t spend time staying in the shop trying to be something that you aren’t.

You aren’t china.

You’re the bull.

You know what happens with the horns when they go places they shouldn’t. Just remember that you’re not trying to hurt anyone.

That’s the other side of this. You’re just shoved into a situation that doesn’t fit and you have to take it into your own hands and get out. 

Don’t listen to the naysayers that want you to remain in the shop because you’re delicate and pretty. and all the other things.

Look in a mirror and decide if you want to be delicate and kept on a shelf or you want to see the sunshine.

Decide if you are willing to buck the system that tells you to be one thing and another and can’t really make up it’s mind.

Because guess what?

Being what you are, telling that truth, is so worth it.

It is worth every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears.

There will be many.

Isn’t that what life’s about?

The process of making choices and seeing where the road takes us?

Each of has to find what makes us tick and pursue that. We can’t rest on the laurels of people that came before us and what they valued way back when because things were different then. We were different then.

So take a chance and get outside and see if you really want to go back into the china shop and pretend that is where you were meant to be.

Because knowing how I feel about labels and the constricting nature of them, I don’t think you’re going to go back.

See you outside then.

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