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So I love dancing. It lets me feel free and I can mess up and as long as it isn’t a line dance, no one really knows that I screwed up. It’s great.

The thing is a two step is a dance that you learn pretty much anywhere there’s a slow song, but it’s a little different than some of the more formal styles I’ve learned. They have some very stringent rules on them.

I mean, Victorian set novels are the best places to look for examples, but like a minuet is not a dance you can talk in. The waltz was a big deal because you kept the same partner close enough to you the whole time that you could actually carry on a conversation. It was also risqué 18 inches apart because her skirts were definitely in the way. What would they think of grinding now?

But the Texas Two Step is a special thing.

It’s two steps forward and one step back. But you don’t just repeat that and go in a line, I mean you can.

You and your partner can make your way across the floor to elbow check your buddy that’s dancing with some girl and get him to trip because you all know it will be funny… later.

You can swirl around the room and forget other people in the room.

You can go in a tiny circle around and around and around.

It works with slow songs, and fast ones. *

The possibilities are literally endless. No dance is going to be exactly same.

The same is for your life.

You take two steps forward and one step back.

The health and wellness industry get a lot of flak for trying to tell you that you need a pill to make you feel better. And you might.

You might need vitamins or medicine to fix a deficiency that you can’t make on your own. I’ve been told that store bought is just fine when it comes to my baking. I’ll run that it’s fine in other area, too.

But in all reality, the point of the matter is that you have to want it enough. You have to start the movement forward. And when you have to take a step backwards, you don’t stay there.

You see, that step back in the two step is not a lingering settling of your foot.

The steps are *step, other foot catch up, step, other foot catch up, toe rock, * repeat. I’m a knitter so I find this way of notating makes the most sense.

It’s a rock back that you don’t really put your heel down. It’s all on your toes. It’s the motion of pivoting** from the thing that you’re in right now.

We’re all looking at a pandemic in the face, this is the elbow check from your buddy that is going to make you fall over and your job is to catch yourself and pull your partner out of the way. You need to pivot more than you normally would because there is something in your way.

Take it, take it and go on to the next step. And the one after that, and then look at where you are, and go from there.

*Do not recommend trying it with Cotton-Eyed Joe– totally different monster. Have destroyed a pair of my glasses due to that song and doing the normal line formation for it.

**Pivoting is the point of every change in your life. Every step you take is a form of pivot. There are just times when it actually looks like a pivot that

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