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Ever feel like you get told that everything is about a work life balance?

Where everything feels like a balance beam or that lady who’s got a blindfold on trying to make sure that things stay at the same rate?

Whole wellness, is a whole body concept.

Work/Life Balance is a myth and it is mostly a bad explanation that doesn’t get explained. I’ve seen things that look like a pie chart but that doesn’t account for the fact that there are times in your life when that same balance won’t work.

So being from Texas, I think in terms of Tex-Mex. Which means that wellness is more like a seven-layer dip than anything. You get refried beans, sour cream mix, guacamole, salsa, cheese, green onions, and olives/tomatoes.  These seven layers translate really well to a couple areas of our lives. 

Seven Layers

Refried beans –Work #bills
Sour cream, cream cheese, taco seasoningExercise
Green OnionsEating 
Olives (or tomatoes)Education
Ingredients usually used in a seven layer dip with their corresponding layer of life

There’s a reason I matched each of these to the corresponding side of the table. 

  • Refried Beans are the base of the dip, almost always the first thing put in, work is too. It takes up the most time and it makes sure that other things can happen. If you don’t have a way of making money you can’t pay for anything and then you’re going to be doing a lot less of any of these other things. 
  • Sour Cream and cream cheese are not my friends, my stomach gets angry when I eat them, and it gets angry when I exercise. Might be on to something. But in seriousness, Exercise is the thing we mostly dislike. The after is fine, but the during. Man, it’s not the most fun.
  • Guacamole and Sleep are the same because both of them are usually extras when we try to get them and they cost more. Also they tend to round out the taste of everything around them
  • Salsa— it’s a staple of our lives, just like our families, and we can’t really have Tex-Mex without it. 
  • Cheese- This is my favorite part, the friends, the people we choose to have in our lives, and they make it all the better. I’m not allowed to make the dip with some people because it resembles queso most of the time. 
  • Green Onions— this is one of the overlooked bits of a seven layer dip. It’s what carries flavor because that’s what onions do. And our eating is the thing that gives us enough energy, gives us the health we all want.
  • Olives/Tomatoes — which one depends on the group of people that you’re with. My mom’s only made it with olives (you should see us consume said olives by themselves at Thanksgiving**) so I’ll roll with that example. This is your education.
    • This isn’t the formal stuff they send us to school for and call us truant when we don’t show up. This is us reaching for more, better understanding, better knowledge, better solutions to a problem. It’s important and it’s usually something we need in every bite.

What does this explanation lead to? Every bite of a seven-layer dip is different.

Just like every obstacle you’re going to face is going to be different.

There are times when you’re going to need a heavy dose of beans to keep everything floating.
There are going to be times when cheese is the only thing keeping you alive. And don’t forget that olives and onions are the pieces of us that we need too.

This whole challenge with the world going into social isolation is going to test us, it’s forcing us all to adapt and learn and change all at the same time.

The taste of our ‘dip’ has drastically changed because we can’t interact with our friends the same ways we were before.

Will we value it when this is all said and done?

Who knows?

But at the very least we can get on the box and make sure that we are picking the best thing for us, not staying in the box because that’s all we know. 

*written during the COVID-19 outbreak while under isolation. Granted this idea had been brewing for a week till I liked the way it was working in my head

**We have two cans of olives for four people who eat them. And sometimes there was arm wrestling when we’re running out. That was a phase for my little brother.


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