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All right, I’m no fool so I don’t think that everyone needs to get up at the butt crack of dawn. Seriously, it can look like that, so I’m going to call it that.

But you need to have a start and a stop routine. As someone with ADHD, and not one of the classic three, routine is my best friend. Sorry, A 😀

This not something that you build in a morning. Sure, you can try to bring all these wonderful good things into your life and you’ll stick to it for three days. The famous new years resolutions come to mind.

Because that’s about how long I can do sixteen new tasks. And keep doing all of them.

So I started with getting a list of those things that I wished were a part of my start routine. The things when I did them, I felt accomplished and growing and glowing. Some of these were things I already did or did with irregularity.

  • scripture reading
  • journaling
  • scanning my writing
  • workout
  • self-development reading
  • fun writing (mostly fiction)
  • work writing

  • taking my vitamins
  • brushing my teeth before I left the house
  • shower (I obviously did this 😀 )
  • coffee instead of soda
  • language learning

Then I listed them in the order of most important things to have done everyday.

See, I had come across this thing called habit stacking, something Mel Robbins references it in her Mindset Reset program that she ran at the beginning of 2019. If it wouldn’t distract me from writing this I would find the exact video she talks about it but the whole program is snazzy, if I do say so. Check it out.

It’s also free…..

Habit stacking is the use of one established habit to make another habit easier to take on. We’re not getting rid of bad habits, that’s another tactic, another day.

Trust me when I say that the positive thinking thing works.

So take a shower and then brush your teeth before you leave the bathroom. This is the same thing we use to teach children that they should wipe themselves and then wipe their hands. Not quite the same reasons, but eh, take what you can get with the little ones.

So for me, I had gotten pretty good at reading my scriptures mostly first thing in the morning. So I decided that for the next month the only other habit I was going to force myself was to do the start journal thing. And you know what, it stuck. Because I wasn’t trying to do a million other extra things. I just picked the next thing that I wanted to do after my studying.

It’s a version of the Mel Robbins 5 Second Journal. You can buy it or get the free pdf of the spread. Trust me, I love listening to Mel because there’s an honesty in her discussion of this or that. I did however add a spot in my section for my distraction level, and what to make me more focused. Because those are things that I specifically need to pay attention to.

Sometimes, just knowing that I’m already at a high distraction level lets me make more of the day than I otherwise would because I already know that I have to deal with my personal limits.

A sensory overload in the middle of a crowd I have only intentionally suffered once, and that was at my little brother’s high school graduation.

So with this little trick of habit stacking, I have slowly been adding habits that I wanted in my life so that it’s not a chore to do them. Well, my workout still is but that’s the latest addition so I expect that level of resistance.

Next time, we’ll talk about how to actually kick the bad habits rather than letting them float around and come back.

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