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There is only one requirement in the journey that is self care:


You are the most important part of the journey because it is your journey. There is no one else that has taken your path and put on your shoes to make them fit. They are yours and yours alone. That said, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

That’s the point of Lefty Loophole. That we stand on the box and look at what works and what might work. We take that and through trial and error we find our each individual way. You, reading this have already crossed that pivot point in your life.

Your life is a series of them. Pivots, where nothing looks like what it was and nothing will look like what you thought it was going to yesterday. And it will only get better.

I’ve had many, and my gift is to see them, see them in other people and see the pattern that is working in my life.

I was listening to a sermon a few months back and a phrase that was partially part of my life was stated. And the rest of the phrase is how I’ve decided that my life has to be lived.

No reserves. No retreats. No regrets.

The last was a part of my life. My ‘what if I’d done this different’ scenario machine is very, very good. It’s also a downward spiral into the darkest parts of my life. It is full of comparison and worst of all, doubt. I made that rule to keep moving on with my life instead of wallowing.

And boy, is my life better. After all, since that rule was made, I haven’t spiraled into a suicidal depression, and thank God for that. Sure, I’ve had funks and other drops in my day, but not the ‘it would be better if I wasn’t here’ thoughts. Those are f*cking scary.

It will get better. To the person who needs to read that, hear that, know that. It can only go up. After all, rock bottom usually means you’re at the water line. And the well will fill and you will rise through what already tried to kill you and didn’t succeed.

Okay, so this blog post was not supposed to go down this route but it is.

Time to Pivot

There are things in life that are pivot points.

Airline pilots going across the ocean have a term when they reach a point where they cannot turn around and make it back safely. They do not have enough fuel to reach their starting point. It is called the point of no return.

You and I are constantly reaching PNR’s in our lives. I like calling them pivots because it sounds less doom and gloom.

The reason I gravitate to the term pivot is because most of the time, these changes in our lives are tiny little alterations that make all the difference.

  • My decision to drink enough water instead of trying to cut out all the soda I was drinking (at one point it was easily crossing 64oz a day) made it possible to finally quit the carbonated happiness.
  • I bought a 20$ wireless keyboard to make typing easier in my current situation of desk set up and reach my goal of writing 1000 words a day. All but two days since I bought the thing have I made the goal and those two days I had already planned that writing was going to be a stretch to get done with everything else on my plate. I’m about to cross the 2000 words for today and I don’t feel like it was a drudgery.

Yeah, that will come later, but at least I’m not craning my neck to read the screen while I type.

There are the big pivot points in our lives, the ones where everyone else can see the change.

  • moving to a city where I didn’t know anyone to learn how to make mental boundaries stick when I no longer had physical ones. Like 1100 miles from family and a life I was used to.
  • changing jobs into an entirely different industry.

Going Forward,

When I made the decision to no longer have regrets, I did not know what it was going to do for me. Sure, I thought I was just getting myself out of a rut not that it would start me on a journey that would change my entire world.

Neither did my coming to Christ, but that’s a story for a different venue.

Now, this is a journey that started in 2013, when I did my second motto for the year. I know the word for the year is a thing now, but I decided then that I wasn’t going to do resolutions. I never kept them, never really stuck with the ideas. So I decided to just start asking myself this one question a year and see where life took me.

It’s taken me seven years to get to the point that I am. And to the points that I will go. I have my whole lifetime to keep becoming the person that I want to be. And that’s the fun bit.

In the last two years, I did add ‘resolutions’ back to my new year motto. These were more actionable goals than I’d done previously and well, last year was not as successful as I wished but I can see the progress I made. So I just did more specific goals this year.

Granted, that was because I read some really good books that gave me better tools to set these dreams into goals and plans. Here are a few of them;

  • write 366,000 words this year = 1000 words daily
  • make my living writing = 3000$ a month
  • read 12 self-development works this year = 1 a month
  • scan all my writing ^–journals and stories
  • get passport– May
  • 120 Fluffy porkupine posts*
  • 36 Lefty Loophole posts*
  • contribute 1200$ to my investments this year = 100$ a month

You want to know the sneaky thing I did with all of these things?

I gave them numbers to check off. To make it more than what I did last year.

These goals are a thing that I have broken down to what I think will help me grow the most this year. There are a few other goals on here that I haven’t set an actual thing about because it really depends on other things coming together. But the intent is there.

The pivot point is about you making the small changes. The little things that add up. The 20$ keyboards that unleash something that was burning under your skin and let you have at it.

This image was first given to me as the swinging open of a gate. The hinge that opens the gate doesn’t actually move that much.

But it opens the whole gate in one movement.

Isn’t that grand?

What’s your pivot point and where is it taking you?

Photo by Bob Ward on

*This may get revised due to project changes. I’m thinking of it more as a total at this point.
^Yeah, the scanning one is the only one that really doesn’t have a number but everything is on two shelves that I see every day. And I really have no idea how many pages I have to scan.

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