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Marathon Mindset

First off, this is not going to be a bunch of running references.

So chill. I don’t run and I don’t expect other people to do so.

Think of finance as more Oregon Trail style of a game or pretty much any game where you set up the pieces and play other people.

Or my favorite. Just straight up series marathons. You know where you’re still awake at 1 AM because you’ve one more episode of the arc to finish. And oh wait. You’re on another season. Whoops.

This isn’t Short-Term.

The method of finance and using it to your advantage is never going to be short term. Sure, there are some goals that are short term. This project, or that one. But it never stops. The image of rat race is so appropriate because we are always on the wheel.

But what happens when you get the wheel to spin without you doing anything. That’s the beauty of passive income. It feeds you because you fed it long ago.

Setting up the Marathon

At the beginning of any race or long project; you make a plan. You figure out when you could get it done by. Then you figure out how much you would need to do in a day. How many snacks you’re going to need. The drinks and bathroom breaks. All the details that you think are going to be what you’re going to do.

You don’t settle for vague goals because otherwise, they will just keep growing and spiraling into this sub-project and such. They’re called SMART goals.

They stick to something Specific.
It can be Measured.
It is Attainable given their circumstances.
Relevancy to their final, end, vague goal.
It has a Timeline.

It all has something you can actually do. Some of these are big things that add up from smaller goals. If you take a look at my 10 Year Projections, I started with 2027 and then went backwards with what I had to get done in each year. Some of them are not really the greatest and I try to get better about going forward. Part of it was the fact that I was trying to make sense of other numbers that were all floating and didn’t want to make a commitment to doing something and then totally changing my mind.

Actually on the Marathon

So what happens? Do you follow the plan with no variation and just follow it blindly?

Absolutely Not.

You take each day as what can you do to further your goals. Some of them change. Some of them get more specific. Some of them do not happen on your timeline. Some of them get thrown out because you realize they weren’t helpful goals to the primary goals that are more important.

It’s important to always keep the big picture in mind. I journal regularly. I used to have to guilt myself into writing every day because I hated wasting the paper and I would make a page for every day even if the only thing was the date. I don’t have to do that anymore but there are still days that I don’t write much.

This progress lets me see that I am making an effort. It shows when I have days that have lists of things to do and they actually get done.

Make the Plan.
Follow the Plan.
*Alter the Plan.
Follow the Plan. *

I don’t start over. I take what works and I remove what doesn’t.

Say your financial independence is about working wherever you want, living out of your car and seeing all the people that you want to see whenever you want.

What happens when you don’t get clients because you’re not doing marketing like any sane person would do?

You find what you really didn’t like (finding clients) and get someone else to do it for you (ahem… Uber). You still get to meet all these cool people, and some a little too crazy for you, and develop these relationships. Sure, it’s not the most lucrative gig on the planet. I’m not going to get rich driving people around town. But I have the freedom to work when I want and where I want. I can take a day off if that’s the one I want. I can stop after four hours and take a phone interview. That oil change I don’t want to wake up at 7 AM to take it to the place to get it done in a timely manner. Yeah, I can go in at 10 when they’ve finished up the first round and wait like an hour. It’s great for the price.

Moderation will keep you alive… and relatively sane

I don’t try to do all the things every day. I have a running list of all the things that I need to do for this site. And then my goal is to do one a week. I recently have been cutting off about 3-4 a week, but it’s not consistent and since I’m not making money doing this yet, well I can’t spend all my time doing fun jobs. 

So want to take the challenge?  Want to take those little steps that get you further each time? It doesn’t look like much when you see from yesterday to today? But what about in January where there was nothing?


*I knit, so I just used our system of marking the repeats.

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