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Debt Rollover

My favorite new saying, when it comes to finance anyways, is ‘pay as you get paid’.

It works best in your favor because the money will be there when you need it and you won’t spend it before you can pay for the things that matter most. Debts, and rent, electricity and internet. The things that keep you moving. It also helps you budget when you know what you get paid when.

I get paid weekly, so I make it a point to pay just about everything weekly. It helps with my issues on charges over a hundred bucks or at least makes the big ones less painful (like ripping off a bandaid on dry skin). It keeps me on top of things and I can assess if I’m going to have any big things coming up (like rent that they won’t let me pay in quarters).

Accidentally, okay not really, more incidentally I build in a buffer of extra payments on various accounts. My student loans are more than a month ahead. My car loan is getting there but I’ve only been adding money into it for about a year. It’s important to me that this number is smaller and smaller every month because it makes my reliance on higher paying jobs less stressful. I do well with deadlines but working for the money has produced some of my shoddiest work.

Currently, I’m debating which debt to put the little extra money into. I’ve got about twenty bucks more I can throw at my debt and I realize that’s not much but it’s not doing anything in my bank account. So I’m debating the results of debt snowballs or debt avalanche. Pay the largest principal loan amount or one with the highest interest rate or taking one of my annoying tiny ones and removing it from the playing field. But I’m on a graduated payment plan for my student loans that increase in November… so what to do or should I just leave it alone until the loan goes up and see where my finances are then… who knows maybe I’ll be making more money.

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