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Build A Better Wheel

Strengthen Your Spokes

We are not reinventing the wheel.

Lefty Loophole is about taking yesterday’s wisdom with today’s access and building a better wheelhouse.

There are 8 spokes we focus on because we believe that people are not in a vacuum with their actions, choices, and consequences. We want you to grow into the best version of yourself.

We want you to find the joy in your life and make your life full of joy even if happiness, like always, is fleeting. Life would be nothing without the ups and downs. Or the bumps in the road.

I don’t believe that change is made in a day. It’s not noticeable anyways. It is a series of choices made over and over like a wheel rolling on the ground that gets you places.

But a weak spoke will break the wheel (you).

So here, we focus on strengthening your spokes–five minutes at a time.

As you reclaim five minutes of your time on a runaway wheel you’ll regain more and more of it because it won’t start leaning to the right and send you off course as often.

My journey into self-care started in productivity tricks and tips, in dealing with depression and how to snap out of it. It’s morphed into an understanding that there were pieces of myself that were way out of sync with the rest of me and that there would be no progress until I got them into focus.

Focus was about me deciding that I wanted how things were going. That I wanted the situations that I’m in. And that if I didn’t like them, well, I could do something about them.

It was about acting instead of reacting.

Which is the first thing my mother tried to start teaching me. I don’t remember when it started but I can remember several ‘conversations’ that revolved around me learning this particular skill.

And yes, it’s a skill which means it can be learned.

As a lefty (#southpaw) I have spent my entire life changing the directions to fit me. I have been figuring out from an early age how to listen to instructions from others and then make them work for me.

Like put pen in your right hand (yeah, no) and try to write.
Or put put knife in right hand (this does make eating at small tables easier).
Or ignoring the exercises to make my left hand more nimble when I was learning the violin.

This was no different in my pursuit of self care. Because that is what it is. It is taking care of yourself, your whole self in order to get where you want to go.

Why Five Minutes?

Well, because we all have five minutes to start with. It’s a bathroom break, the time it takes to make your happy person juice in the morning, the length of the average snooze.

And in all honesty, starting with the beginning of the day is a lot easier than trying to get into the end of the day.

So that’s where I suggest you start. After that becomes a habit, another five isn’t so hard because you feel what the first five are giving you.

Also, that’s about as long as I’m comfortably talking on video right now. 😀

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